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Himalaya Speman helps increase the sperm count


Himalaya Speman 
Benefits of Speman: Increases Sperm count, Sperm quality, Sperm motility. Corrects Male Infertility
Speman tablet is useful in Oligospermia
Himalaya Speman 
60 Tablets per Bottle 

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Himalaya Speman tablets is a miraculous herbal supplement that helps in promoting spermatogenesis by its action improving the function of the testicles that includes testicles, seminal vesicle and epididymas functions. Himalaya Spemantablets helps in improving the sperm count and is also beneficial in raising the quality of semen as it increases the LH-FSH producing basophil cells in the pituitary gland. The pure herbal formulation of Himalaya Speman tablets has been put to test with uncountable tests and clinical trials and only after that it has been marketed for the people with problems of men. It is the certified Ayurvedic herbal formulation that not only improves the sperm count but also the morphology as well as sperm motility. This is herbal combination is tested clinically and no side effects were seen under intensive clinical trials. This Ayurvedic formulation bears the reputation of the supplement that helps in improving the condition of oligospermia. It is extremely helpful in toning up of the reproductive system in males and is also effective in enhancing the general vitality. It is also considered as a restorative and nervine tonic.

Himalaya Speman is an Ayurvedic formulation that supports in complete and powerful contraction of the seminal vesicles, as a result bringing about their absolute evacuation and also increases the quantity of semen ejaculated from the male genital. Ayurvedic Speman is an herbal supplement that is well reported upon and apparent in an important clinical condition where the so called modern medicine (allopathic) offers little ray of optimism.

Benefits of Speman

  • Ayurvedic herbal Speman helps in rectifying problem of Oligospermia
  • Himalaya Ayurvedic herbal Speman helps in increasing Sperm Count
  • Himalaya Speman is extremely effective in improving the quality of sperms for better progeny
  • It is also very much effective in reducing prostate enlargement (BPH) and allied problems.
  • Great heath without any exposure to chemicals and toxins
  • It is helpful in achieving the permanent solution to your problem

Herbal Speman Ingredients (Per Tablet):

  • Salep Orchid / Salabmisri ( Orchis mascula ) 130mg - salep orchid or more commonly known as salab mishri in Indian subcontinent is a herb that was used by ancient Indian doctors in treating men with problems like impotence, erectile dysfunction, low libido etc. This herb bears the property in enhancing the internal powers to help a man to achieve his eternal power to complete the act of love. It also is also helpful in proving vital energy useful in maintaining the optimum health.
  • Hygrophila / Kokilaksha ( Astercantha longifolia Syn. Hygrophila auriculata ) 64mg -
  • Lettuce / Vanya kahu ( Lactuca scariola Syn. L.serriola ) 32mg
  • Cow-Itch Plant / Kapikachchhu ( Mucuna pruriens ) 32mg -
  • Suvarnavang(Mosaic Gold) 32mg
  • Elephant Creeper / Vriddadaru ( Argyreia speciosa Syn. A.nervosa ) 64mg
  • Small Caltrops / Gokshura ( Tribulus terrestris ) 64mg
  • Jeevanti ( Leptadenia reticulata ) 64mg
  • Stone Flowers / Shaileyam ( Parmelia perlata )32mg


Two Speman tablet is to be taken twice or thrice daily or as advised by physician.

Speman Side Effects:

No side effects of Himalayan Speman are known when taken in prescribed dosage.

Speman from Himalaya Drug Company

Speman a remarkable and a USP of Himalaya Drug Company is an herbal formulation that is being regularly used by doctors and herbalist worldwide on their patients. It has been estimated that more than 250,000 doctors are prescribing men with their reproductive problem in India alone. Himalaya drug company products are famous for their quality and are created after all the trials and checks. Himalaya drug and Herbal Healthcare uses chromatographic fingerprinting and infra red method that is considered as one of the most sophisticated standardization method, to guarantee dependable quality and performance


Avoid taking alcohols, Red meat, junk food and heavy food stuff to achieve early benefits

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